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Was It Healthy For You?: Inequality in Hetero Hookups

Was It Healthy For You?: Inequality in Hetero Hookups

Hookup tradition. Everybody’s carrying it out.

Nearly all of you have got already heard – or used – this term times that are many. However for those kept at night, Urban Dictionary defines culture that is hookup “the era that started during the early 1990s and it has since prevailed on university campuses and somewhere else whenever setting up has replaced traditional relationship since the favored approach to heterosexual liaison.”

The United states Psychological Association offers a far more medical description of “brief uncommitted sexual encounters between folks who are perhaps not intimate lovers or dating one another.”

But also for the sake of brevity, hookup culture can be explained as “casual sex.”

Also it’s in the increase: 91percent of university students say that hookup culture dominates their everyday lives.

But let’s just take one step right back and think of exactly exactly exactly how – and who – this upward trend in casual hookups affects: could it be healthier? Is it fostering equality between the sexes? Could it be mutually good for all sexes? Or does it continue to uphold memes that are patriarchal?

There are two primary main schools of thought – one says that hookup culture supports women’s intimate empowerment by providing them the capacity to have casual intercourse by themselves terms; one other states so it helps sustain sexist double requirements and disempowers females by depriving them of psychological connection. Read the rest of this entry »