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7 Methods For Making A Match At Literary Agent “Speed Dating” Events

7 Methods For Making A Match At Literary Agent “Speed Dating” Events

Among the numerous perks of going to a writing seminar may be the chance to network with literary agents and editors. Often, these connections are designed through a “speed dating” process that is comparable to events hosted for folks looking for a intimate partner. In a writing seminar rate dating-style event, you’ll have actually 10 minutes roughly to speak to one literary representative before moving forward to consult with the next agent, so on— all so that you can optimize the alternative of partnerships. But how could you produce a possible match having a literary representative in just a couple of minutes? The publishing matchmakers at Writer’s Relief involve some recommendations and methods which will help!

Techniques To Assist You Effectively Interact With A Literary Agent

Professional Strategy # 1: Do Your Literary Agent Research

Unlike the mystery present in speed dating for relationship, at a writing conference occasion, you’ll recognize in advance precisely whom you’ll be talking to. Make certain you peruse the menu of agents you’ll be meeting and then get down seriously to work.

  • Research which genres and authors the agents represent and which books they’ve offered.
  • When you have time, read one or more regarding the publications each representative represents.
  • Consider their social media marketing reports for up-to-date info on what they’re shopping for.
  • Review your question letter and synopsis to see in the event that you can make a match that is good.

Professional Strategy # 2: Prepare Your Pitch

During the center of each and every writer/literary agent session can be your book’s “elevator pitch.” Hone your pitch into a cupid’s arrow that shoots directly to the literary agent’s heart!

  • Describe the premise of one’s tale with regards to the genre, tone, primary characters, and main conflict in a thrilling and way that is engaging. Read the rest of this entry »